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About Us

As expressed in our Mission Statement, The Cheshire Homes Society of British Columbia strives to support individuals with disabilities to achieve their optimal level of independence through innovative services, education and community integration.

CHSBC has demonstrated that it is an industry leader in providing services to clients with ABI and other disabilities and works with the Health Authorities to build and implement "best practices" and "continuous improvements" in the healthcare environment. Some notable points are as follows:

  • CHSBC was the first to offer transitional services in B.C. to clients with ABI (1984).
  • CHSBC was the first to offer support to complex medically dependent survivors in B.C. (1991).
  • CHSBC was the first to offer apartment based services to clients with ABI in Vancouver in 2002, and added additional apartment based programs in 2008 (Burnaby), 2011 and 2012 (Surrey).
  • CHSBC was the first to develop a residential model of service delivery in B.C. for clients with ABI.
  • CHSBC provides specialized services specifically to people with acquired brain injury.
  • CHSBC’s capitalizes on an empowerment approach and has learned that natural consequences and opportunities for choice provide the best outcomes for survivors.
  • CHSBC has proactively responded to constructive feedback from Health Authorities and adjusted programs and service delivery accordingly.

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