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Community Housing

Community housing addresses the desires, goals, strengths, abilities, needs, health, safety, and life span issues of the persons served, regardless of the home in which they live and/or the scope, duration, and intensity of the services they receive.

Community housing is provided in partnership with individuals. These services/supports are designed to assist the persons served to achieve success in and satisfaction with community living. They may be temporary or long-term in nature. The services/supports are focused on home and community integration and engagement in productive activities. Community housing enhances the independence, dignity, personal choice, and privacy of the persons served. 

Medically Fragile

Medically Fragile is a specific population designation that specializes in serving persons with a serious ongoing illness or a chronic health condition that requires daily monitoring and ongoing medical treatments and may include the routine use of a medical device or assistive technology. Persons with such needs require overall care planning to achieve optimum health and developmental status and to achieve community integration to the maximum extent possible. Services augment and support independence, empowerment, and dignity of persons served through the provision of flexible and efficient services.

A program specializing in serving persons with medically specific needs assists the persons served in achieving or maintaining an optimal state of health through developmentally appropriate care to have an enhanced quality of life throughout their life span. This may include achieving optimal functionality according to their physical capacities.

Service design is based on the needs, desires, and expectations of the person served and includes consideration of age, medical acuity, medical stability, impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions, psychological status, behavioral status, cultural diversity, family/caregivers, and long-term outcomes expectations. Appropriate medical consultation occurs specific to each person served in addition to medical consultation related to policies and procedures.

The services support transitions in a person’s life and are changed as necessary to meet the identified needs and desires of the persons served and their families/caregivers.

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